Step By Step Dog Services

We train, walk, visit and house-sit dogs in Fareham.

We strive to go above and beyond our duties to ensure your dog receives nothing but the best care, whether we are taking your dog on an adventure walk, or are making sure they are happy and content in their home while you are away – your dog’s happiness and safety will always be our top priority.

Dog Training

If you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour we are here to help! We provide sessions on a one-to-one basis. We will assess and mutually agree a training plan with you to help your dog to overcome their behavioural problems, and teach them how to behave in a ‘socially acceptable’ way.

We adapt our training methods to suit each dog individually – after all, one shoe doesn’t fit all! Using positive methods which are up-to-date, combined with the experience of training many breeds with differing behavioural problems, we are well placed to help you and your dog.

Pop-in’s and Home Visits

Whether your new puppy is not yet able to go out on adventures yet or your dog can’t be walked due to medical reasons (or whatever the reason is!) – We can still help. We offer pop in services to stimulate and care for your dog in your own home. This way your dog will receive one-to-one attention and playtime with us without having to leave the front door.

Dog Sitting

Everybody needs to go away from time to time, and unfortunately our canine companions cannot always come along with us. No matter how long you are away for, we are here to make sure your dog is cared for while you cannot.

We will come and stay in your home with your dog to make sure they stay where they are most content and happy. As well as staying overnight, your dog will enjoy two walks a day with us – giving them the stimulation and exercise they need. During the day, your dog will not be left for more than four hours at a time and will only be left when we are working with our other four-legged friends.

To make sure your dog gets the most out of our stay, we will need to have an initial meet and greet where we will discuss all your dog’s needs and make sure all parties are happy with the arrangement we agree upon.

Dog Walking

All dogs need exercise to stimulate them physically and mentally – it is not just something dogs find fun; it is a psychological need!

We will try to tailor to all your dog’s requirements, whether that is just so they can stretch their legs around the block or whether they need a good long walk to burn the endless energy they have.

As every dog is individual, we will do an initial meet and greet so we can assess what your dog requires and agree upon a contract with you. Once we start walking your dog, there will be a two week trial period where we will make sure they are happy and content with the walks we have agreed.

Your dog can have as many adventures as they need - whether it is once a week or twice a day.

Group Walks

Each dog will be placed into a special group with walking buddies to make sure they are getting the most out of their walk: every group will be carefully selected to match individual preferences. If your dog requires solo walks then please let SBSDS know and we will try to accommodate your dog’s requirements.

Please note that puppies under 12 months are still growing and therefore will not be able to go on long group walks.

Adventure Walks

Adventure walks are designed for really active dogs that need to burn off their energy.

Typically these walks are on a Friday or Saturday, and will be a minimum of two hours; where dogs will get to explore interesting places and scents with their walking buddies.

Please contact us directly either by email or phone for further details and prices.